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Larry Lujack, WCFL SuperJock
Larry Lujack, Superjock
died age 73 in Santa Fe, NM, Dec. 2013
"When buying a used car, punch the buttons on the radio.
If all the stations are rock and roll, there's a good chance
the transmission is shot."
- Larry Lujack, Superjock
7 favorite Chicago airchecks of Larry Lujack
rocking Chicago in 1967 / reprised in 2007
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Lujack came to Chicago in early 1967 working the graveyard shift for 4 months at WCFL. WLS soon hired him away as their new afternoon drive host. He moved to morning drive in October 1970. Meanwhile, his program director at WLS in the sixties, John Rook, became an industry consultant to stations including WCFL. Superjock gladly jumped back to Super 'CFL in a deal engineered by Rook in 1972. Months after The Voice of Labor dumped its Top40 format for beautiful music in March 1976, Lujack returned to WLS, staying through August 1987.
Inducted into NAB's Broadcasting Hall of Fame, April 15, 2008.
WCFL logo
WCFL, Chicago Federation of Labor
AM frequency 1000kc (now WMVP)

WLS MusicRadio 89 logo
WLS, 890 AM, The Rock of Chicago
founded by Sears (in 1924) when it was the
World's Largest Store
Larry Lujack Silver Dollar Survey Premiere, August 1967
Lujack Afternoon Premiere
August 1967     1:28     1.4 MB
Larry Lujack Time Capsule, November 10, 1972
Larry Lujack Time Capsule
Nov. 10, 1972     1:23     676 KB
SuperJock's 34th birthday, June 6, 1974
Superjock's 34th birthday
June 6, 1974     5:24     2.5 MB
Spacey Dave's birthday, June 10, 1974
Spacey Dave's birthday
June 10, 1974     5:08     2.4 MB
Larry Lujack, January 10, 1984
Larry Lujack morning drive
January 10, 1984     15:02

Lujack leaves Chicago radio after 2 decades
Ends 20 yr. Chicago radio career
Aug. 28, 1987    7:15    7.8 MB
Larry Lujack and Tommy Edwards, Big 89 Rewind, Memorial Day 2007
Larry Lujack & Tommy Edwards
Big 89 Rewind on Memorial Day
May 28, 2007       1:19:06

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